Halal Chicken Rice Ball at Ee Ji Ban, Melaka Raya, Malacca

I get recommendation fro a friend of mine to go to this Ee Ji Ban Restaurant to enjoy a version of Halal Chicken Rice Ball. Well, basically Chicken Rice Ball is a food which is very famous and widely available at Chinese restaurant (non-halal) in Melaka town. So, for those who are really want to enjoy this famous dish and need it 'Halal', Ee Ji Ban is the right place to go. 

Actually, we don't eat much here as we plan to go somewhere else in Melaka Raya area for more foods. Anyhow, we ordered, 10 rice balls, roasted chicken for 2 person, and 2 cold Chinese tea. Love the roasted chicken here and really nice to have with 'kind of' thick soy sauce. It will be nicer if the rice ball be served hot. We spent RM17.00 for all. Really reasonable and definitely will come again. 


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