Ho Chiak Melaka: Nyonya Food in Jonker St. (My 2nd Choice)

Your visit to Melaka will not complete if you didn't try the authentic Nyonya food here. One of the easiest place for you to hunt for a delicious and cheap Nyonya food is in Jonker Street. The restaurant that I wanna share now is actually my second choice. We went to this place first and then, we discovered another Nyonya restaurant next door, which is absolutely more varieties and taste really nice. 

So, at the first restaurant (I will call it as QQ restaurant), we order a serving of Nyonya Laksa & Assam Laksa besides 2 cendol for us. I can say that the Nyonya Laksa is more delicious then the one I get night before in Jonker street night market. How I rate my Nyonya Laksa? I will judge the delicious-ness of the Nyonya 

My mate ordered the Assam Laksa here, and he said it taste really different. Perhaps this is a Malacca version of Assam Laksa, so far it was different compared to our usual Penang Assam Laksa (maybe). 

How are you going to find this place? Walk along the Jonker street, and this restaurant is nearby the Makam Hang Kasturi. Will I come again to this QQ restaurant? I prefer the 88 Jonker restaurant next door. 


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