The Best in Jonker Street: Nyonya Food (My 1st Choice)

The story is, before we went to this 88 Jonker restaurant, we were at another restaurant next door to enjoy Nyonya food there. After spending an hour there, we walk out the restaurant and saw this 88 Jonker with a huge crowd of customers. 

So, we went here and start to compare with the restaurant that we went next door. Here, they have more varieties of foods which I believe most of them should be delicious. Since our stomach was really full (from previous QQ Restaurant), we still pushing ourselves to order a serving of Nyonya Laksa & Chicken Noodle. 

This is a self service restaurant. You need to queue for your food or cendol at the entrance and find your table inside the restaurant. To describe the ambiance of 88 Jonker, it was full of customers and some of them were waiting for their table soon. This is far different to the restaurant next door (comparing again). The interior decor, I can say very Chinese and look antique besides the typical 'rumah kedai' as it's layout. 

Our meal, simple delicious or should I say the best. Our serving of Nyonya Laksa was really rich of flavours, Its milky, mildy spicy and rich with everything inside. The chicken noodle, was simply delicious too. In future, we will definitely come here again for more foods in the list. 


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