How you Can for Planning for a Romantic Gateway?

How good you get along with someone when you are on a vacation actually can make or break your relationship. Anyway, this is what you need to know before both of you decided to go for a romantic trip together.

There  are so many questions to think about such as where should you go? Country or city? Staying in a luxury hotel or dare to try a rustic style bed & breakfast? Will both you have a great time together during the vacation? The good good thing is both of you actually can have a great deal of control over the ansers for all those questions especially the latter one. Here’s how to ensure that you will do the right things:

Tips #1 Check if the timing is good for travelling as a couple
Its all about time and every relationship will have a different definition about timing. If you are in a new relationship and planning for the very first gateway together, it take 5 months as a mark. Normally, it will take about that long to form a solid foundation for the relationship. Obviously, there is no point to build something on a shaky ground.

Tips #2 Just make it a quick one – A long weekend or less is the most ideal.
It is enough to customize your romantic gateway short and sweet, or not more than a weekend. This is really important especially if you are in a new relationship. This is more like to discover how well both of you can get along together. If both of you can tolerate each other for more than 72 hours at a time, means that you are ready for a longer trip later.

Tips #3 Choose to have a scenic route if you are driving
Taking a road trip will provide some prime get-to-know time (as long as a good opportunity to see is your partner has any road-rage issues). Besides, you don’t have to be rush – take your own sweet time to arrive to your weekend destination. Great if you can enjoy the sunset over the beach together, or drop by here and there to see what the local offers you. Who knows? Some of the best moments of the trip may occur before you even get to your destination.

Tip #4 Pick somewhere close to home
 In terms of choosing a destination, it is not easy to find the right one. The key point is Fun! Fun! Fun! It is a good idea to go somewhere nearby your home. Well, taking a flight cross the country sounds like a fantastic gateway. But, you need to think about dealing with jet lag, lost luggage and other unexpected stuffs which can give a bad impact your to love interest.

Tips #5 Plan your budget accordingly  
There are some good causes to be into debt; higher education, buying a house, or surgeries), but not for your weekend gateway. In order to avoid a lifetime of only to pay your minimum balance on your credit card, you need to make a travel budget and stick on it.

Tips #6 Stop staring at your gadgets; phone or tablet
The romance or juicy-ness of your romantic weekend gateway can quickly drop from 10 to 2 if you are spending most of your time on checking emails and making working calls instead of focusing on your quality time together. If you really have urgent things to attend, ask for permission and settle everything quickly. Always remember, the point here is to concentrate on each other, not to your phone.

Tips #7 Do something that both of you can agree on
You have to plan the right gateway activities which mainly to get to know each other. You need to make sure the activity simple and pressure free.

Tip #8 Be spontaneous
No need to worry about strict rules or structures during your vacation. Enjoy your trip and be off-script. If visiting a museum turn to be a boring one, get into your car and go somewhere else.

Tip #9 Choose a romantic setting to visit
The right mood is the essential to a romantic vacation, and that is something that rarely you can find in a motel. It is not necessary to break your pocket by choosing an expensive hotel, but you are recommended to choose somewhere classier and more comfortable. Generally speaking, a romantic getaway is the time to spring for the room that’s facing the ocean rather than the parking lot.

Tips #10 Relax
Don’t let the stress of travelling with someone or trying to plan things perfectly ruin your actual holiday. You should relax, let go everything and have a good time. After all, it’s all about having fun.

Photo by Dalibor Tomic on flickr with CC BY 2.0


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