10 Couple Travel Blogs That You Shouldn’t Miss to Follow!

Valentine's Day is just around the corner but this entry is not to talk about the lovey-dovey celebration. But this is something more interesting when I gathered a useful links about 10 Couple Travel Blogs that you shouldn't miss to follow.

They are couple, they are travelling together and share their passion no matter about foods, adventure, nature or maybe cross culture and heritage thingys. So, check this out!

Travels with Two | http://www.travelswithtwo.com/
This blog was written by Melanie Wyne from Los Angeles, a freelance writer and editor for Travels WIth Two since June 2008. The blog shared about here excitement and discovering the world through travelling and she love to share about art, wine & spirits, cuisine, history and more.

Two Go Round The World | http://www.twortw.com/
This is the real observation of Kathryn & Daniel since 2009. They travel across the world, sharing tips, really rich with good quality of photography and the blog is very easy to navigate for information seekers.

Traveling Canucks | http://travelingcanucks.com/
Nicole and Cameron Wears are Canadian and travel together since 7 years ago. A married couple and also newbie parents whom currently live in Vancouver, British Columbia. Their goal is to share their adventure, stories and travel tips aroun dthe world, just to inspire or to help other's big travel plans. 

Positive World Travel | http://positiveworldtravel.com/

Anthony Milotic & Elise Reek, 2 Australian who use to work for 3 years and saving for a house before finally decided to sell everything and travel the world. Anthony was a Chef and Elise is a Primary School and they believe that that travelling is not only about passion, but to discover the new ones too. 

Hecktic Travel | http://www.hecktictravels.com/

Their travel motto is "No Possession - No Plans - Just Travel". Dalene & Peter Heck sold everything and leave their home country, Canada & travel the world. They travel the world without any certain plans and both are involved in housesitting programme besides professionally good in photography.

No Place To Be | http://www.noplacetobe.com/

This blog was buy Poi & Kristy, a diver and a teacher currently reside back to UK. Back then, they used to travel to China and South East Asia and yes, there are looking forward for another 'escape' soon.

Our Oyster | http://ouroyster.com/
The Our Oyster project is a travel journal buy a travel couple, Jade Johnson with her husband Danial Dumbrell from Australia a photographer and not forget their infant son, jacob. Before meeting Danial, Jade used to travel over 30 countries and Australia is her 7th countries of living, so far. 

Married with Luggage | http://www.marriedwithluggage.com/
Warren & Betsy Talbot, a couple in their 40s, married, divorced, and married again, climbing the corporate ladders and sell everything before travel the world. This website is very unique compare to other kind of travel blogs because they have a podcast which you shouldn't miss.... Really you shouldn't miss their living podcast.

Travel for Love | http://travel-for-love.com/
The couple in this blog is a American and Brazilian with interest in travelling and photography. 

Couple Travel Tips | http://coupletraveltips.com/

What unique about this blog? The blog was writtern by a married couple, Jason Castellani and wife since 6 years ago and yeah, they are really passionate about travel the world. Scrolling at the blog content, you will find many useful tips, sex & romance, and of course lots of their travel photos. 

So, which one is your favorite Couple Blog? or maybe you know something else? Great if you could share with us. 


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