10+ Gwiyomi Male Covers You Need to See

 [ THE FOLLOWING is a guest blog post contributed to Microscopasia Journal by Lok Priders ]

The latest Internet craze "Gwiyomi" has got some of the cutest people from around the world to record their own version and then upload to Youtube to get famous or just for fun. 

"Gwiyomi" or "Kiyomi" is a slang word in Korean language which means a cute person. We came across hundreds of "Gwiyomi" covers on Youtube and found some male version of "Gwiyomi" really interesting. Most of the guys in the video are cute and We're sure you will love them.

1. Gwiyomi Cover by Quynhkenzo


2. Gwiyomi by Teejay marquez


3. Gwiyomi Cover by nicky smart


4. ปอมอ๋อง (อ๋อง) gwiyomi 


5. Good looking Hot guy doing gwiyomi


6. Gwiyomi Cover by Mckers


7. Gwiyomi/ Kwiyomi 귀요미 Cutie Song Vietnamese German Version


8. Gwiyomi Cover by Zhampz


9. Gwiyomi - Male Version


10. Shirtless hot Thai guy doing Gwiyomi


11. Gwiyomi Song Ron af5


12. Gwiyomi (Male / Guy Version) Kiyomi Aegyo Challenge 귀요미 송 [Filipino Guy]


13. Gwiyomi Japanese Boy


14. Gwiyomi Song by Trb Star (Power Cast Version)

After watching these videos, tell us what number is your favorite one!


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  1. Can we see them giving blow-jobs

    1. lol. If they so, perhaps my blog will get over 18 status


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