The Cartoon Characters of PAS & PKR for Malaysian's 13th General Election 2013

As all know, Malaysian is a democracy country and the 13th National General Election will be held on coming 5th May 2013 nationwide. Along the way, our designers, caricatures and artists had shown their creativity in producing logos, government jokes and many more stuff. With the power of facebook, hundreds and thousand of propaganda or so called wake up call being spread all over social media especially the Facebook. 

Recently, many of my Facebook friends did changed their profile photo to those icon as attached below to show their support to their preferred parties. From what I learnt, "VOTE ARE SECRET". But from my reading here and there, there is a conflict when many others said that, its no more secret. 

In short, asked yourself before deciding to change your profile photos in your facebook account. The icons below referred to PAS & PKR which is currently will fight againts to current Barisan Nasional government.  

For Malaysian voters abroad, don't forget to book your flight ticket home for voting. Optionally, 28th April 2013 will be the voting date for overseas voters. Kindly check with your consulates or embassies for further information. 


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