Eroticism Nightlife in Bali, Indonesia

If being asked about night life in Bali, the first thing that will come to my mind is the Kuta Beach. Yes, the night life in Kuta Beach is very identical  not to surprise with many bars, pub, cafe and discotheque which always visited by customer all night long. 

Legian Street, Kuta

The Legian Street at Kuta is one of the real example of the identical night life in Bali with the glitter of discotheque's lights and the erotic move of the dancers. There are so many Indonesian girls can be seen in this district and most of them are immigrant from Java island or other districts in Indonesia. However, the tourist in Bali were considering them as a Bali girl which very synonym with eroticism and sexuality. 

Click here for The Hustle & Bustle of Legian Street, Bali, Indonesia

Video below, Gay Scene in Bali Joe - Seminyak

Looking for night life and glamour world in Kuta district is not difficult. Most of the taxi drivers are always ready to drive you to international class karaoke club or disco. You don't have to worry of being lonely on the disco floor, as thousand of people came to Kuta with the same status as you. It is very easy to find a night company in Kuta as easy as finding "sexual services" around Kuta. Bounty Ship, M-BAR-GO, Sky Garden, Paddy's Club, Hard Rock Cafe or Maccaroni Club are among the famous choice in Kuta. 

Video below, Bounty, Paddy's Club, Engine Room and Sky Garden Club in Bali Indonesia

There is a famous cafe called Upstream Cafe. This cafe is located in Garlic Lane of Kuta Bali which pictured as the "only real gay bar" in Bali. Without any doubt, there are so many gays in Bali too. This supported by the fact that Kuta is a place for international tourist to gathered and get to know each other besides the freedom in lifestyle here makes the gay life here sustained. 

Is it only limited in Kuta Beach? Definitely no! Most of the beach part of Bali offered a great night life besides the water activities and the beautiful beaches. 

Video below, FashinTv Bikini Beach Party at Ku De Ta Beach Club Bali


Seminyak Beach is the second famous beach among tourist in Bali. KU DE TA is the famous nightlife spot in Seminyak. It is located nearby with one of the the well known hotel, The Oberoi. This is also the best place to see the sunset. 

Nusa Dua

Besides Kuta and Seminyak district, Nusa Dua also very interesting to venture. This district is not only famous with the hotel five star hotel in Bali, but also offering discotheque and world's class pub. However, the location is slightly far in the hotel with different sight, unlike in Kuta without drunk girl on the street. The nightlife in Nusa Dua is more elegant and softer even the situation in the hotel is not much different with the condition in Kuta beach. 

Sanur & Ubud

In the meantime, the Sanur Beach is a good place to lay down and enjoying grapes while listening to soft jazz music. Besides that, you can enjoy delicious seafood and enjoying the beautiful voice of acoustic singer for those who are looking for a peaceful night time. The same environment also can be found in Ubud area. 


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