The Guide for Visiting Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Many of my friends were asking about where to visit in Cameron Highland and how to enjoy the holiday at a minimal cost? Here is the best article about the A to Z of vacationing in Cameron Highland.

Photo from Bharat Tea Plantation from  Ringlet to Tanah Rata

When to Visit?

Many of us like to go to Cameron Highland during long school holiday, public holiday or weekend. My personal advise is, try to avoid from main public holiday such as New Year, Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali or weekend which is connected with public holiday.

If possible, you need to avoid visiting Cameron Highland during short school break on March and Ausgust as it is considered as peak season and most of room for rent, hotel and apartment were fully booked. On normal day, 3 bedroom apartment will cost you around MYR200.00 to MYR250.000 and this price will hike from MYR350.00 to MYR450 for one night. This is due to the high demand as well as peak season period here.

Some of my friends did asked about when is the raining season in Cameron Highland? The best way to know about it is by checking on Weather Forecast Department's website as the season is very uncertain. Even March to July suppose to be a hot season, sometimes rain still pouring here.

Early Plan for your Accommodation

If you plan to visit Cameron Highland with big family, I will suggest you to rent holiday apartment with 3 rooms which is more comfortable and cheaper. There are many apartment in Tanah Rata area for you to choose. I would recommend you to stay in Desa Athurium and you need to ask what block is available. Block B & C is the best, Block E,F, G & H is okay to stay and Block A is definitely NO!

If your agent recommend you to Flat Jasar, it is better to refuse because the size is too small. Carnation Park also quite okay for you to stay. Brijcourt is located in Tanah Rata and Parkview Apartment is located in city centre. Royal Lily apartment is also a good place to stay, but the apartment size is slightly small. 

If you are choosing to stay in Brinchang, there are so many budget hotel in the area. There are not so many apartment to rent here, or you may try Villa Dahlia apartment. In the meantime, if you like to stay in a homestay, Taman Sedia have some homestay places for you to stay which is located in strawberry farm area which is owned by Malay owner.

From Lata Iskandar Waterfall which located on the way from Tapah to Cameron Highland

Driving Guide

First of all, you need to have Cameron Highland map. Some version of map will come with price MYR3.00 to MYR5.00 each. Or else, make sure your GPS system is working. It is good for you to depart from your home in the morning and arrive to Cameron Highland in the afternoon.

Route 1: Tapah - Ringlet
The journey from Tapah to Ringlet might will give some headache for your family members. The distance from Tapah town to Ringlet is about 54 kilometre and you will pass by Lata Iskandar Waterfall. 

Route 2: Simpang Pulai - Kampung Raja
The distance is about 80 kilometre and the journey by using this route is more relaxing.

Route 3: Gua Musang to Kampung Raja via Lojing
The journey by using this street is more relaxing and comfortable. But not for night drive as it is very quite and dark.

Route 4: Raub - Sungai Koyan - Pos Betau to Bertam Valley
The distance for this route is 125 kilometre and this is a new route to Cameron Highland.

Tour Package 

Most of the places in Cameron Highland can be reached by wheels except you choose to off the road. There are many travel agencies  which offer a daily tour with price in between MYR45.00 to MYR85 for full day or half day tour. The tour package normally will cover a visit to aborigine village, watching the Rafflesia flower, visiting tea plantation, garden, cactus valley and bee farm.You also can search for a package to see the sunrise at 5.00am if you are lucky for it and all tour packages are available daily.

From top left, Stone Mark heading to Strawberry Park Resort, The View from 10th floor of Equatorial Hotel, Local bus at Cameron Highland local bus station. From bottom left, The Smoke House Hotel & Restaurant, The front side of The Smoke House Hotel & Restaurant, Cameron Highland Convent School

Places to Visit

Here is my personal recommendation about places to visit in Cameron Highland. 

First day
On first day, you can visit Tanah Rata town and maybe can drop by to Bharat Tea Plantation Tea Centre, MARDI Station in Tanah Rata, Strawberry Farm in Taman Sedia, Cactus Valley and Red Big Strawberry Farm in Brinchang.

On the evening, you may go to the Brinchang Night Market which is open on every Saturday and Sunday or every night during school holiday. Here you can find many stalls selling vegetables, strawberries and souvenir to bring home.  

Second dayOn second day, you may go to Kea Farm or Sungei Palas Tea Centre. If you wanna go ahead, drive further to tea plantation area to Mossy Forest which will direct you to the peak of Brinchang Mountain. If you come here on school holiday or public holiday, the 20 minute journey can be 2 hours or more. So, think about it.

At evening, you may enjoy steamboat in any restaurant in Brinchang or Tanah Rata, Google for Glory 78 for a Muslim and Halal steamboat which is very famous among local people. 

Third Day
You may come back to Kea Farm to buy vegetables to bring home. Many of us like to buy vegetable on the first day here which finally will end up with unfresh vegetable when arrive home.

Tips when Shopping 

  • Don't buy honey from street seller/hawker. Even local people never see them during normal day. if you want honey, get it from Bee Farm. This is because, the honey on the street are mostly fake. 
  • If you go to night market, don't buy Crystal Guava or some called it Cameron's Apple. The Guava's skin was blended and covered with green colouring.
  • When you buy Pearl Corn Cameron Highland, you need to know that this corn is only for grilled or steam. You cannot boil it as this corn will get hard. It is difficult to determine this kind of corn. Normally the size is not so big and not too long.
  • Dried flower and can stay for 5 years, forget it!
  • Don't buy vegetable in packet. It is definitely look interesting and sometime it come with good offer such as 12 packet for MYR10.00. The truth, it is much cheaper in other places. Carrot, asparagus and mushroom normally is not not originally from Cameron Highland.
  • For Muslim tourist, if you see Non-Muslim restaurants or stalls normally will hire Indonesian worker to sell Malay cakes, potatoes, corn and dried strawberry. So, ask yourself if you are confident that those foods are halal. Don't be surprised when the Indonesian worker sometimes can speak with local Malaysian dialect and maybe Chinese dialect such as Hokkien and Cantonese too. 
  • If you choose to stay in apartment, you need to carefully survey the price with some owners. This is because, sometimes the owner put a lower price for guests, but the middle man will increase and mark up from that from a higher price. There are Muslim apartments with separated facilities especially for those who wants to cook their own dishes. 

This is quite lengthy posting but I hope can give you some idea before visiting this highland. 


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