Visiting Veggies Farm in Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Cameron Highland is not only popular with tea plantation, but also well-known as Malaysian vegetable hub. There are more than 4000 farmers actively choosing agriculture as a business here. 

This place is a unique choice for vegetable planting because of the location at highland and the weather is really suitable to grow veggies. According to history, the British initially don't have any interest in making veggies production as main economical source until the Chinese farmers came and its opened a new dimension to Cameron Highland. 

Not to surprise, during the Japanese invasion, Cameron Highland was colonized just because of the veggies production as the main food source.

Lets put the history aside and here is my sharing about experience of visiting veggies farm in Cameron Highland. If you are living in city or your hometown now are facing a very fast modernization phase and people no more growing plants, Cameron Highland's veggies farm will let you remember your childhood memories. 

During early 1960s to 1980s, most of the farm was worked by family members. But now, most of them are fully hired immigrant labours such as Bangladeshi, Nepalese, Burmese and Indonesian and the farmers now turn to be a big boss.

Here are some farm that you can visit

  • Agro Tourism Veggies Farm such as Cactus Valley, Strawberry
  • Big Red Strawberry Farm
  • Kea Farm
  • MARDI Station at Tanah Rata for all kind of veggies 
  • Strawberry Farm at Taman Sedia
  • Flower Farm at Lembah Bertam, Ringlet
  • Flower Farm at Kuala Terla
  • Flower Farm in Kg.Raja Street
  • Flower Farm in Blue Valley Street
  • Veggies Farm along the wat to Mount Brinchang's peak

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