Cactus Hunting in Cameron Highland, Pahang, Malaysia

Cactus Cameron Highland

Vegetable farm, strawberry, tea plantation and cactus valley are among the famous tourist attraction in Cameron Highland.  Basically, Cactus is a kind of plant which is very synonym to live at dry and hot temperature area. However, this plant became one of the trademarks among local entrepreneur in Cameron Highland because of the high demand factors from tourist.

Cactus Valley in Brinchang is one of the most popular venues to buy cactus besides the Cactus Point which is located nearby the Kea Farm. You also can find the cactus at MARDI Station in Tanah Rata or Big Strawberry Farm, next to the Brinchang’s Cactus Valley.

Optionally, you can drop by to Arked Peladang and Uncle Sam farm in Sungai Burung area, which is located in between Brinchang and Kea Farm. You also may drop by to the Fragrance Nursery which is located in nearby area.

You can see that, finding cactus in Cameron Highland is very easy even in night market as well. But, if you would like to see a very landscape of cactus, i will personally recommend you to go to Cactus Valley or Cactus Point.

How much to spend? Normally a small size of cactus will cost you around MYR2.00 each or MYR5.00 for 3 kinds or MYR10.00 for 6 kinds.

Meanwhile, medium size of cactus will cost you around MYR4 each or MYR10 for 3 kinds. Slightly bigger size will cost you around MYR6.00 each or MYR10 for 2. A bigger size cactus will cost you in between MYR8.00 to MYR15.00.

Get here and there?

Driving is always the best way to catch places in Cameron Highland. Its all straight long street from Tanah Rata to Brinchang. Just keep your eyes to the signboard on your left and right sides and be friendly and ask local people for exact site locations. 

Cactus Valley
  • Admission fees: MYR4.00 Adult MYR2.00 Children
  • Opening hour : 8.00am - 6.00pm daily
  • Telephone: + 605-4915640 / 605-4915641
  • Fax: + 605-4915109 / 605-4981945
  • Address: Pekan lama, 39100 Brinchang, Cameron Highlands
Cactus Point
  • Admission fees: Free
  • Telephone: + 605-4914180 / 0192550068
  • Address: Brinchang, Cameron Highlands


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