Visiting Bharat Tea @ Cameron Valley Tea, Cameron Highland

Tea or the scientific name is Camellia Sinensis is one of the trademark of Cameron Highland, Malaysia. It is very common among Malaysian to imagine the greeneries of the tea plantation in this highland.

Currently there are two companies operating tea plantation in Cameron Highland, Boh and Bharat. In this article, I would like to share about Bharat Tea Plantation. According to the history, in year 1933, there is a Indian man named Shuparshad come to Cameron Highland and bought 50 acre of land in Kuala Terla and started the Bharat Tea Plantation.

During early time, the tea leafs was sold directly to Federal Experimental Station or now called as MARDI station. In 1950, Shuparshad's son,  Dato' Brijkishore Agarwal came to work with his father and brought a change from selling tea leafs to processing the tea leafs and sell it as Tea Chop Rusa. However, the tea leafs processing were done at MARDI station by renting it as a factory.

In 1963, the company had taken over 2 foreign tea plantation companies and start to built own processing factory until 1990s. During the time, the company still selling the tea leafs in wholesale market. Starts on 1994, the Cameron Valley brand was introduced with new packaging and additional flavours. This tea was directly market to consumers.

Now, Bharat Tea opened 3 Tea Centres in Cameron Highland as a tourism destination. The first Tea Centre was at Jalan Masuk Utama of Ladang Shalimar which is nearby Tanah Rata-Habu. At first, this centre was build as open area, but the additional roof area was built on 2006 due to weather reason.

In the same time, another tea centre was opened in Kuala Terla, which is the first pit stop for those entering Cameron Highland from Simpang Pulai. In 2009, Bharat Tea added on another tea centre nearby the first tea centre with more facilities and big car parking spaces.

This three tea centres are very suitable for those who love to drink tea and in the same time, appreciating the beautiful view of tea plantation. You also can walk around the tea plantation area to get a close up with the tea plants. However, Bharat Tea didn't prepare any package to enter their tea processing factory.  


  • This place is very easy to find as the location is at main road
  • The tea is a bit expensive. It is because you are not only paying for the tea, but also for the spectacular view
  • You can buy tea from here but it is much cheaper to get it from night market or other shops in town
  • You can buy Cameron Valley Tea online by clicking here   


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