Stress Releasing Dinner at Dontaku Ramen @ One Utama

Maybe I am not a qualified food reviewer. But anyway, I really love to share with people about where did I go over the weekend with mission to inspire them to enjoy their life.

It was a very tough Monday and all in my mind when working in office is to have a good food and later a good sleep. After calling my mate, Christopher, we decided to meet up at One Utama Shopping Centre for a Japanese dinner.

We went to Dontaku Ramen Japanese Restaurant which is located at lower ground floor, New Wing of the mall. At 7.30pm, the restaurant was really crowded with I think, 99% of Chinese customer and I am the 1% which is Malay. I believe, there must be something unique about this place.

Our mobile was run out of battery and need to use our Ipro
which resulted a bad collection of photos. (Top) complimentary
salad and (Bottom) Chicken Teriyaki Ramen
We ordered 3 main courses which is Teriyaki Chicken Ramen, Soft Shell Crab Udon and Seafood Teppanyaki with rice set. Teriyaki Chicken is always my favorite, but this is my very first time to have a Teriyaki Chicken with Ramen.

Next, we were having the Soft Shell Crab with Udon. The soft shell crab was deep fried and placed on top of the Udon soup. The same the Ramen soup just now,  even it was just a plan clear soup, the taste was so delicious and different to each other. This is what I like about Japanese noodle, smell good, clear water soup, simple and tasty. 

(Top) Soft Shell Crab with Udon (Bottom left) Salmon Teppayaki
with veggies on the side and (Bottom right) Sake
Finally, we had Salmon cooked in Teppanyaki style. Surprisingly look different compared to one showed in the menu. The small was really tiny and covered with some veggies and other stuffs. 

Dinner experience in Dontaku Ramen was really interested. Maybe not so fancy  or as exclusive as at Yuzu Japanese Restaurant, KLCC, but I think this restaurant is one of the best place to get something quick during a busy day. 

Ka ching! We spent RM84.45 (Including Service Charge & Govt tax) for below items:

RM17.00 Teriyaki Chicken Ramen
RM12.80 Soft Shell Crab Udon
RM19.00 Salmon Teppanyaki
RM14.00 Hot Sake
RM 5.00  Ice Lemon Tea
RM 5.00  White Rice

Dontaku Ramen Japanese Restaurant 
Lot LG352, Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama Shopping Centre
Lebuh Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7727 8389 Fax: 03-42923152


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