Hari Raya Shopping at Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, KL

We Malaysian really love shopping. The quote "Shopping till Drop" is really suitable for Malaysia. Prior to Eid-Mubarak or locally known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri, one of the must do item is shopping for the celebration. 

One of the famous shopping district for the occasion is Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Since decades, this street is the main attraction among shoppers to get their needs at a very reasonable price. Shoppers can choose to get their cloths from side walk seller, or famous textile boutiques along the street. 

My last trip aka shopping for Hari Raya was awesome. Thousand of people on the street, shops, shopping malls, here and there choosing Baju Melayu (male Malay's traditional costume), Baju Kurung (female Malay's traditional constume), bargaining or maybe just wandering among others.

This scene wouldn't end up just at day time, immediate after breakfasting time aroun 7.30pm, people will come back to shop here even until 12 midnight. See how we love to shop. The key point here is bargaining and shop smart. If one Baju Kurung will cost you around RM100 per set now, try to come back here night before the Hari Raya and you may get those with auction price around RM30 each. 

Walk further from the busy street of textile, sea of people actually gathered in the air-conditioned mall of Sogo. Yeah! It was sea of people at every floor of this shopping mall with long queue and discount sight at almost everywhere. 

I'm done with my shopping, and now looking forward for the Hari Raya. To share the shopping spirit, feel free to watch the video that which was recorded during our last shopping trip here.


Danial & Christopher
Microscopasia Journal


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