Saturday Food Hunting at Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

This is just a quick posting. I have to work on last Saturday and around 3pm, my housemate, Christopher came to my office and its time for another food hunting after the Fasting Month and Eid Mubarak. 

We decided to go to Kampung Baru, the biggest Malay village which is located at the heart of Kuala Lumpur city centre or just a distance from the iconic Petronas Twin tower. We arrive to Kampung Baru by using LRT and stop at Kampung Baru Station.

This Briani Johore Restaurant is non air-conditioned eating out place and located at Jalan Raja Muda Musa, about 100 meter from Kampung Baru flat. We ordered a serving of Mee Bandung Muar and a serving of Mee Rebus. Literally, Mee Bandung is referred to mix of dried shrimps, dried chili, blended sweet potatoes, tofu, beef and other ingredients as a soup and eat together with yellow noodle. 

Talking about the Mee Rebus, I think the one that I ate at Meldrum Street, Johor Bahru is much more delicious. But then still tasty. If you don't know what is Mee Rebus, I will describe it as yellow noodle soup served with a very rich gravies consisted of beef, blended sweet potatoes and it is a sweet dishes compared to the spicy Mee Bandung. To compliment the spiciness of the Mee Bandung, we orders signature Malay Malaysian drinks, Sirap Bandung (Rose flavour drink with condensed milk) and a Sirap Limau (Rose flavour drink with lime).

Our journey for food hunting is not ending up here. We walk further to Jalan Raja Alang for some Indonesia dishes and wandering at Chow Kit night market.

Around 7.00pm, Raja Alang Road was busy and crowded as usual. Walking along the lane, you will see many Indonesia Jamu (traditional medication) shops, Indonesian cosmetic and health shops, Padang foods, and other kind of Indonesian foods. We previously tried the Satay Padang at Restaurant Rose and this time, we gave a try for other kind of local Indonesian foods at this street.

If you are walking from Raja Abdullah Road towards the Raja Alang road, you will find the place that we went here which is located before a Sikh Temple. This road side stall is a join of Pecal Lele (Fried Cat Fish), Bakso, Ayam Penyet with a Mie Acheh stall. In another word, the stall run by two different owner. 

We ordered Bakso from the first stall. Well, I always have problem with Indonesia foods. Why? It can be too spicy, too sweet, too salty or too bland. Our Bakso consisted of clear chicken soup, big beef ball, rice noodle and I think it is a bit salty. 

From the next stall, I was so tempting with the big banner at the stall stated Mie Acheh (Mee Acheh) with big crab and big prawn on display. Since on that day, they don't have crab so, i ordered a serving of Mie Udang, kind of a Fried Prawn Noodle. As expected, the Fried Prawn Noodle is very spicy for me, but very delicious. The best part is, there were generous amount of prawn in the serving.

How much did we spent during the food hunting? Reasonable cheap.

Briani Johor Restaurant
RM5.00 Mee Bandung Muar
RM5.00 Mee Rebus
RM1.50 Sirap Bandung
RM1.50 Sirap Limau Ice

Bakso & Mie Acheh Stall
RM6.00 Mie Udang
RM4.00 Bakso
RM1.50 Teh Tarik

This is the beautiful factor of living in Malaysia, foods are everywhere and the price are still reasonably cheap and you can get any regional foods here. 

Hell yeah, the food hunting never end here. After having the Bakso and Mie Udang, we walk passed through the Chow Kit Market and took the Monorail from Chow Kit to Pavillion Bukit Bintang to find a new place for dessert. 

After wandering around, we finally chose to have all mangoes base dessert at Hui Lau Shan, at 6th floor of the Pavilion Shopping Centre. We spent RM25 for 2 different kind of dessert and guess what, my housemate said that my home-made dessert at home is much better and tasty. 


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