Things Not To Do during Chinese's Hungry Ghost Festival

Hungry Ghost Festival is coming again this year (7th August 2013 until 4th September 2013) and one of my Facebook friend shared about "DO NOT" Checklist after 00:00Hrs on 7th August:
    Photo Source: MSN Malaysia
  1. Hang out late.
  2. Spit in the street or tree.
  3. Stare at the candlelight or burning fire.
  4. Step On Or Kick offering items / joss sticks along the Roadside.
  5. Cover up your forehead at night; always pin or put up your hair as high as possible.
  6. Stare at “them” if you really saw one; look or walk away calmly.
  7. Make funny jokes or comments on any display altar / offering items along the street.
  8. Look underneath the altar table when there is a prayer session.
  9. Shift your eyeballs from left to right or right to left repeatedly if you sensed something; always look straight and walk toward your destination calmly.
  10. Sniff and follow any pleasant or sweet smell ahead of you.
  11. Sit on the first few Front Rows of any public Chinese Operas.
  12. Open your umbrella at night, especially red color type.
  13. Wear red color costume with high heels and walk alone at night.
  14. Pick up any unique items found on the street or road.
  15. Stand Under a Tree in the middle of the night.
  16. Wait at The Bus Stop after Mid-Night especially already passed the bus service operating hours.
  17. Whistle alone at night; you may found someone singing along with you.
  18. Hang your clothes out in the middle of the night.
  19. Walk in the dark and near the walls; something maybe visible at your side view.
  20. Answer or respond when someone calls you, especially from behind.
  21. Turn your head when someone pat on your shoulders in the middle of the street.
  22. Use any Dark or Black color manicure.
  23. Comb your hair in front of the mirror in the middle of the night.
  24. Shout or scream in the middle of the night, stay as quiet as possible if you felt sudden coldness.
  25. Get emotional and cry in the middle of the night.
  26. Leave your bleeding wounds in a open air; always cover up the area with plasters or other bandage materials.
  27. Be a curious person or hero, if you hear some "strange" sound or noise, especially soft crying tone; always act blur. 
  28. Swim in the pool or lake in the middle of the night; something maybe waiting to pull your legs.
  29. Play at the playground in the middle of the night; especially the swings.
  30. Take up the challenge to enter cemetery area or abandoned houses.


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