Lunch at Restaurant Ayam Kampung Publika, Damansara Perdana

I never eat any Ayam Kampung before, or literally called as Village Chicken and this is my first time having it. The different between Ayam Kampung and the normal one that we always buy in market is, the size is slightly smaller. Some said that the Ayam Kampung is more tender too, which is I'm not too sure about it.

So, on last Tuesday, my boss and team mate went to this Ayam Kampung Publika Restaurant at Damansara Perdana for lunch. One thing you need to know, good if you can car-pool when coming to this area as parking is very tough to get as the area has a lot of offices with limited parking spaces. Or else, you need to double park and leave your number on your dashboard if you don't want the person that u blocked leave a handwriting note call you as "asshole"

Okay, so we went to this restaurant and as informed by my boss, this restaurant is always full during lunch time. We headed to the food buffet area and nah! a lot of delicious dishes there. Of course, the main dish here is Fried Ayam Kampung. Besides, you also can have Ayam Percik, chicken liver, cat fish, veggies and many more. Oh ya! If you love Sup Tulang (literally Beef Bone Soup), it is available for you to enjoy daily too. 

Personally, it has been awhile for me to eat this kind of Kampung style food. The chicken flesh is very tender and mix well with our side dishes. We took servings of Sup Tulang, Kampung's ulam (literally vegetables), then kind of anchovies sambal with peanut, fried Ayam Kampung for all and Ayam Percik for me. To add in more flavours, you can have Sambal Belacan (literally chili with local shrimp paste) or budu with chili too. Seriously, its spicy and not my cup of tea.

How much we spent here for 5 people, as cheap as RM7.00/person for a full stomach lunch. 


  1. ooohhi likey ayam percik :D

    have you try the nasi lemak @ village park restaurant? their fried chicken is good too :D

    1. Oh!I heard about the one at Uptown, but never been there yet.


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