Dinner at Meng Kee Grill Fish, Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang

I had been to Restaurant Meng Kee for uncounted time since over 10 years ago and this is one of my forever favorite for delicious seafood in Kuala Lumpur. I brought most of my good friends, and traveller friends to this restaurant to enjoy it's fine and delicious meals at this open air restaurant.

On last Independence Day eve (30th August 2013), we went here again for another dinner, and hours later, for supper. Talking about the menu, various seafood are available for you to choose here. From butter prawn, black pepper crab, lala sambal and bamboo clam with curry paste. You also can compliment your meal with garlic fried rice or white rice on the side. Awesome and awesome.

As always, this restaurant is always full and the customer keep coming in and out. I can see, they are many regulars here including me. This Meng Kee Restaurant also very popular among expats in Malaysia and seems like the restaurant owner, a lady really know how to care their customers.

As for that evening, we ordered black pepper squid, sambal lala and also sambal fried rice. Wow. Its all spicy food and we love it. The taste of the food is still the same as before. Maybe some people will say that the food price here is a little bit pricey. As for the location is at Bukit Bintang or so called tourist area, I am okay with that. 

As for our dinner, we spend as below:
  • RM20 Black pepper Squid
  • RM20 Lala Sambal
  • RM15 Sambal Fried Rice
  • Drinks are free for us 

If you are ever to Jalan Alor and thinking of having your good dinner here, just simply walk along this Chinese foodies street and spot for the shop sign, Restaurant Meng Kee Grill Fish.

After few hours, we went here again for a serving of grilled chicken wing and beer to close up our 56th Malaysia Independence Day's evening.


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