"Vietnamese Curry" for Dinner at Restaurant Leong Ah - Puchong

What is for dinner tonight? That is a very common question for me and my mate for almost every weekend. Since we are not driving, we decided to go to a restaurant nearby our house in Puchong. From what I know, this restaurant is always pack at dinner time.

Leong Ah - Puchong Restaurant, we been there around 7.00am and this restaurant which majorly funished with round tables start to get crowded. My mate Christopher chose what to order coz it was his treat. 

First, we ordered the signature dish of this restaurant which is Mixed Seafood Vietnamese Curry. Honestly, I never taste such curry during my 5 years of living in Vietnam. Really NEVER!!! But I have it here, something so called Vietnamese Curry. After few sipping, then I figure out that, one of the ingredient for this curry is "ớt sa tế", kind of a Vietnamese Chili Paste. Anyway, I love this new taste of curry and will definitely imitate the recipe. 

Other than that, we had a serving of vegetable soup with dried shrimp on top of it. This crystal clear soup really taste good, just nice to compliment the spiciness of the Vietnamese Seafood Curry just now. 

To complete our meal, we order one serving of tofu (I forgot the name). This tofu dish cooked on a hot plate with eggs and mix veggies such as corn, green peas and carrot. 

Overall, we love our dinner here, but not sure when we will come back again. RM50 for 3 main course, 3 bowls of rice and 2 Chinese Tea is quiet reasonable price though. This is what I like about living in this Puchong Jaya neighbourhood, cause there are various kind of Malaysian - Chinese foods available for you to enjoy.


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