Visit Malaysia 2015: Big Red Strawberry Farm, Cameron Highlands

Visiting strawberry park in is one of the must do activity when visiting Cameron Highlands. This time, I would like to share about a strawberry farm located in Brinchang. It is not so difficult to find this farm, once you arrived to Brinchang town, you will see a "Big Red Strawberry Farm" sign board on your left and the farm is just a distance from the signboard. 

Well, this strawberry farm actually have the same style like other farms in Cameron Highland. Visitors can pluck their own strawberries, buying strawberry cookies, fruit jam and souvenirs. 

Other than strawberry, visitors can see other greens here such as green salad, cabbage and for my first time, I saw they grow parsley under the strawberry terrace. There are flowers and cactus in this farm, but maybe not as much as in Cactus Point, further north from this Big Red Strawberry Farm.

I bought some packs of strawberries here, in terms of size, its really big, but I prefer the one in Kea Farm for more choices of strawberry, better quality & better price. 


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