BBQ Buffet Dinner @ Suka KL

Well, it is not exactly a Christmas dinner for me but more to backdated Christmas dinner for my matey when we went here on last 25th December 2013. Earlier on, we grabbed a very good deal from for a 'Christmas & New Year Countdown BBQ Buffet Dinner" voucher worth RM100 value per person. 

Since we just went here for first time for its buffet, I won't comment on their ala carte menu, but more about their buffet and the restaurant ambiance. In addition, I hardly to find bloggers/food reviewers to comment about this place accept some feedbacks from Tripadvisor. 

We did a 4 days earlier booking (in our voucher advised us to book 2 days earlier instead) and been informed that their restaurant will full on 24th and 25th December and suggest us to come on 31st December instead. But after mentioning  that we will away starts from 26th December, we got a sudden place for 2 person. To surprised us, we arrived to Suka KL around 8.00pm and most of the seats were empty and till 9.30pm, more tables were available (still wondering how it could be full house 4 days ago).

Well, back to the topic and I will share about the BBQ Buffet Dinner here. After been seated, the waiter (friendly) handed to us the drink list to order. There is no wine been served here, but its good to have all night long happy hour during the night with buy 1 free 1 cocktail with choices of Margarita, Blue Lagoon, Lychee Martini and more. Optionally you can order soft drinks or beer here. 

Walked to buffet area, I firstly grabbed slices chicken, mushroom soup and slices of bread and my mate, Chris get a big serving of salad for us. Since we were hungry, everything was nice. I love the choices of salad with various choice of dressing. The chicken was really tender, but the mushroom soup is a bit yellowish and different from what I normally had. 

Done with those, it is my turn to come back to buffet area again to look for more food (hehehe). There were pastas to choose either Carbonara and Bolognese. Unlucky me, only Carbinara pasta is available and we get a serving for 2 person. The pasta, they mixed everything together (including slices of sausages which I normally do this when nothing else to cook home). So, I don't think this Carbonara pasta have anything special as it just same like what I normally do at home. 

Since, my highlight for this (event) is for the BBQ Dinner, we finally went to BBQ section to see what to joy next. Thin slices of beef, corn, lamb, chicken, fish, and chicken sausage. Taste wise, all were good complimented with various choices of sauce such as onion saunce, BBQ sauce, mint souce and onion sauce.

Last but not lease, we ended up our meal with dessert (ice cream) with a bit of Hersey's strawberry syrup (just like at home... sarcastically). When we back to our table with our dessert, our drinks (which still have half glass was gone) and few minutes later, the floor staff place our drinks back to our table. It was 9.30pm and I saw the floor staff start to clean up here and there. Few minutes later, we received our bill (and we didn't ask for that yet) and now I knew that they were kicking us out in a manner. 

Before leaving Suka KL, I passed the buffet area to toilet and now saw the BBQ place was busy with the restaurant staff BBQ-ing the meat and sausages for their meal. Errr... I just wonder if they were hungry and cannot wait until the restaurant operation hour end before having those foods leftovers. 

Overall, this place need more improvement if they want to have the same style of buffet dinner in future. Paying RM100 voucher with value of RM200 is not really worth it for this kind of buffet as we can get better in somewhere else. I talked with other guest in the restaurant and they said the buffet items are from a cheap selection. I read some comments in Tripadvisor said that their ala carte menu such as Nasi Lemak & Char Kuey Teow are delicious, but I will choose Suka KL as my last choice in future in case I need some quick food with reasonable price. 

Suka KL
One Residency, Lot A-0-1,
Jalan Nagasari, off Jalan Raja Chulan, 
50200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-21419997

How about your experience in Suka KL, great if anyone can share other opinion about this place... Cheers. 


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