The Story of Convent School Cameron Highlands

Located about 100 meters from the centre of Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands, Sekolah Kebangsaan Convent Cameron Highland (Convent Primary School Cameron Highland) has it own history.

Normally Convent school in Malaysia only will accept female student's enrollment, but not for this school. Convent School Cameron Highland did accept male students as well. According to the school headmistress, this school was build for the daughters of English workers who work in the tea plantation of Cameron Highlands.

After Malaysia's Independence, Malaysian government took over half of this school administration on 1962 according to Educational Act. 1961. On that time, this school is only for female students and the language medium was English. 

Only on  1960s, this school start to accept enrollment from male students until today to fulfill the communities' education demand. As at now, this school has 138 male students and 128 female students with 28 teachers and 4955 students was studied in this school since 1962. 

Among the big people who used to study in this school are the Managing Director of Bharat Tea Plantation Cameron Highlands, Datuk Kesa a/l Brijkishore and successful businessman, Datuk Yee Shan Kan.

This school managed to achieve 91.6 percent of student to pass all subjects in UPSR on 2010 and 19 percent get A grade for each subjects with 7 from 36 candidates get 5A's and other 6 get 4A & 1B in the examination. 


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