Exploring The Clan Jetties, Penang

Ever been to the Clan Jetties in Penang? I believe many of you had been amazed with various wonders around the UNESCO's World Heritage Site around Georgetown. A visit to Clan Jetties will make your tracking to Penang heritage will be completed.

Basically, this clan jetties are comprised of some traditional Chinese settlement with same geographical and tradition. Currently, there are 6 clan jetties starts from Lim Jetty  at the north, followed by Chew Jetty, Tan Jetty, Lee Jetty, Mixed Clan Jetty and Yeoh Jetty. Before 2005, there was Koay Jetty but has been demolished for the development of Jelutong Expressway.

Lim Jetty

In Hokkien, this jetty known as Seh Lim Keo. This jetty is located  next to the ferry terminal, Pengkalan Raja Tun Uda. This day, the Lim Jetty is facing a very rapid development with most of the waterfront areas was taken for car parking and other commercial use.

Chew Jetty

Known as  Seh Chew Keo and this is the biggest settlement at water jetties in Penang. The history of this jetty started in the mid of 19th century. This jetty is one of the busiest jetty in recent days with a lot of tourists visiting this jetty daily compared to other jetties which more quite.

There are a lot to see, backpacker's waterfront accommodation, souvenir shop, food & beverages shops and many more. Personally, this jetty is not my favorite spot because of too many tourist.

This jetty also the only jetty that continuing the tradition of worshiping the Temple Deity and Jade Emperor (God of Skies)

Tan Jetty

This jetty is my favorite. A visit between 4.00pm to 6.00pm is very peaceful and relaxing for a romantic hang out. Just imagine, sitting together at the end of the jetty and seeing boat and ferries come anc go from the nearby ferry terminal. From here, you can see the waterfront houses of Chew Jetty which is next to the this jetty. 

Historically, the people who are living at this jetty are Chinese immigrants from Fujian Province, China. They came to Penang to work on the expansion of Penang Harbour  project. This jetty also was created for the coolies who cannot afford to live on the land. Besides, the location of this jetty which is a distance from the harbour is a very convenience place for them to go to work.

Lee Jetty

This jetty is located in between of Tan Jetty and Mixed Clan Jetty. Same like other clan jetties, this jetty is to inhabited people from Lee Clan. Basically, they came from Fujian Province of China as a coolie  during late 19th century. This is when the economy of Georgetown was booming and a new harbour constructed called Weld Quay.

Mixed Clan Jetty

This clan jetty also called as Mixed Surname Jetty. This is because the person who lived in this jetty come from various Hokkien clans who are not part of the other big clans which own their own jetty. Many of them are moving to this waterfront house to avoid from paying taxes at early 20th century besides to shorten the distance to work place, the harbour. 

Yeoh Jetty

This is the last jetty and the south-est jetty among all. Most of the waterfront houses now stay on the land after land reclaimation work since decades ago.

Thanks a million to my travel mate, Chris for the photos and accompany me during this Clan Jetties tracking.


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