A Huge Dinner at Harmony Banquet 温馨楼, Puchong

The story is like this, my roomie bought a voucher from www.livingsocial.com.my for a very interesting deal. RM26 for 3 crabs from Harmony Banquet. After 2 days booking, we went here on last Friday and surprise-surprise, this place was huge!!! 

This Harmony Banquet is a place for wedding ceremony and it is open for walk in customer too. A huge hall with round table with 8 chairs and it is only 2 of us. Can you imagine everybody were looking at us when our foods delivered to our table? Hahaha.

Okay, so since we have our RM26 voucher, so we ordered the 3 pcs of crabs as per the promotion and the order-taker suggested us to have in in sweet & sour style (because it have more gravies). Besides that, we ordered a medium size of Marmite Chicken and Anchovies Fried Rice, plus King Hot Tea for our drink. 

My comment about the foods here, super duper delicious. The Sweet & Sour Crabs were so nice and the crab size is acceptable, medium. Then the  Marmite Chicken was so juicy and full of flavour too. Spending RM26 for the chicken and RM20 for a very nice fried rice was really nothing for us. 

Not so surprise, this Harmony Banquet is the house for many wedding event and the food quality and the hospitality is at their number one. Air conditioned room, attentive staff, delicious food and affordable price, I will definitely come again to Harmony Banquet in future. 

Harmony Banquet 温馨楼
No. 1, Jalan Bandar 2, 
Pusat Bandar Puchong, Selangor

Telephone No: 03-5891 1191
Facebook: Harmony Banquet 温馨楼


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