A Visit to Pôsahnư Tower, Mũi Né, Việt Nam

My visit to this Pohsahnu Tower was without any plan when holiday in Muine of Phan Thiet city in Vietnam. If I am not wrong, it just 15 minutes by driving from centre of Muine and the entrance fee is free. Nothing much to do here accept photo-shooting or worshipping (if any). 

As stated on the information board at Posahnu Tower:

The Champa Temple - Towers group Pohsahnu (Pho Hai) was built since the 9th century in the Hoa Kai style with the traditional architecture subtle and remarkable, bearing the hallmark of the prosperous period of the Champa kingdom.

In the principal tower A is worshipped a set of Linga-Toni in monolith blue dark. Next to the principal tower is the Tower C worshipping the Fire diety. The temple B worships the buffalo diety Nandin. From 1994 to 2000, a number of foundations, worshipped pedestals and offerings of the ancient temples have been excavated during the restoration.

Every year, important religious rituals have been celebrated at these temple, in which the Kate festival is the biggest festival of the Champa and follow by the Hinduism.

The Champa temple - tower Group Pohsahnu was ranked as national relic under the Decision No. 1371/QD dated on 03 August 1991. 


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