What is Gwiyomi?

Our youngsters used to be crazed with Oppa Gangnam Style, before the Harlem Shake conquered the world with its crazy move. Now, the Gwiyomi cute move has started to flood most of our Facebook walls or news feed. Some might hate it, and many others love it. 

Click here for the Gwiyomi below:

What is Gwiyomi?

All of us know that 1+1= 2. But if you ask the same question to Korean, they might answer it with "Gwiyomi". What is Gwiyomi? Well, you cannot find any Gwiyomi word in Korean Language dictionary because the original word is 귀염둥이(pronounce as Gwi-yum-doong-i). Then, it was stolen as a Korean internet slang as Gwiyomi and it sound cuter which referred to "a cute one"

Recently, we always see our friends are sharing or posting about their Gwiyomi video with Gwiyomi song as the background music. But, if you still have no idea about Gwiyomi act is, see those clips below: 

Besides on youtube and facebook, you can search for massive numbers of Gwiyomi on socialcam and also intagram too.

So, what is your favorite Gwiyomi then? 



  1. Love Gwiyomi eventhough it may look silly

    g w i y o m i

  2. Lurv'ng 8! especially my children earl & ches... GwiYoMi!


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