The Famous Assam Laksa & Ai Gaik of Weld Quay, Penang

If you are wandering around Weld Quay to visit the historical clan jetties and in the same time, your stomach craving for a tasty Penang's food. The Assam Laksa stall which is located in front of Tan Jetty or specifically at the junction of Gat Lebuh Acheh and Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay). Besides, you also can refresh yourself with a bowl of cool and refreshing Ai Gaik at the stall next to the Assam Laksa stall. What is Ai Gaik? Read further below.

The Assam Laksa Stall, Weld Quay
We start our preview with the Assam Laksa. With price on RM4.00 per bowl, you will enjoy a very tasty Assam Laksa which is not spicy, not too sweet with perfect sourish of the assam taste. I was here with a friend who was born and grew up at Lim's Jetty which is located just 500 meter from this Assam Laksa stall. He told me that, when he still a kid, the price for this Assam Laksa is just RM0.50 with a lot of mint leave and a lot of fishes. To flash back his memory, he always asked for RM0.50 from his mom and will run across the stress to get this Assam Laksa. 

A bowl of Assam Laksa RM4.00 which used to be RM0.50 over 30 years ago
Obviously, this Assam Laksa is still popular not only for local, but also tourist to Georgetown. Really worth it for afternoon-break food or "just for fun" eating.

Next, we go to the dessert stall next to the Assam Laksa stall. I personally called this stall as Ai Gaik stall. This Ai Gaik is consisted of shaved ice, jelly, honey, lychee and syrup. 

This stall is always busy with customers from 11.30am until early evening
A bowl of Ai Gaik will cost you RM1.40. If you want to take away,
additional RM0.10 will be charged
"Beware of Honey Bee"
#Thanks to my bestie, Christopher for the photos and accompany me during this food hunting


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