Losing Job in Vietnam. What to do?

The sky is not always bright. Being jobless is such a nightmare to many expatriates in Vietnam. The difficulties to find a new job will happen when most of Vietnamese companies have very strict terms and conditions for hiring foreigners as they need to consider some internal factors such as remuneration package, employment benefits and return of investment (ROI) by hiring an expatriate. Even it’s a real challenge for expatriates to find a job here; there are still some channels to go through for job hunting.

Spread your “Network” by Networking

In Vietnam, there are many professional networking events being held in town. Monthly networking events organized by British Business Group in Vietnam (BBGV) or American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham) is a must attend event if you are looking for a job. There are numbers of foreign-owned companies CEOs and directors will attend this event and what you need to do is introduce yourself and find a good reason for them to remember you. If you receive their business card, do not just keep it in your drawer. A quick follow-up has to be done to ensure the network alive and next, all you need to do is to approach them for any recommendation.

Making new friend in social media such as Facebook and Linkedin, and networking event will give you a wide opportunities to get to know new opportunities in local job market.

Utilizing the Power of “Executive Search & Job Placement agency”

Sometimes we are not sure if the companies that we would like to apply to for jobs are willing to hire an expatriate. Getting in touch with Executive Search & Job Placement agency can make your job search more successful. High reputation agencies such as Adecco Vietnam, The Manpower Solution and Navigos Search mostly are doing headhunting to find expatriates for job vacancies assigned by their clients. All you need to do is to submit your resume to those agencies and ask for their recommendations. There will be no cost involved from your side as the company that is hiring you will pay for the recruitment fees.

Job Search Engine

Try your luck! Register a profile and update your resume in Job Search Engines such as www.vietnamworks.com or www.jobstreet.com. There are hundreds of job vacancies advertised daily and you can easily apply by a simple click. The disadvantage of using Job Search Engine is you do not know if the companies are looking for foreigner or local candidates as sometimes they are not stating that information. If you find any vacancies and companies that suit with you, Google for the company contact information and check if they are hiring an expatriate staff and other matters. This will make your application outstanding from others in their resume pool. A quick talk with your HR manager will “break the ice” and increase the possibility to get the job.

Newspaper & Social Network

Check on daily local newspaper such as Viet Nam News or Saigon Times Daily for job vacancies advertisements. Most of the job vacancies advertised are open for Vietnamese or expatriates and normally from American based organization or multi national companies. In the meantime, do not forget to post your job hunting status in social network or local online forums such as www.internations.org or facebook group. If you are a good foreigner in Vietnamese community, for sure someone will respond to your status posting.

Believe your Talent

If it is very difficult for you to get a job, why don’t you create your own job based on your talent? Measure your own talent and develop it as your career. Online business, article writer or be a freelancer in your area of knowledge is an option to try before you finding any job offers.

Job hunting for expatriates can be tough or fun depending on the individual. All you need to do is be smart and try to relax whenever you are facing a “Job Hunting Stress”. A detailed preparation may contribute to the success of your job hunting as well.



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