Malaysian Breakfast Choices! Its Fat but yet Delicious!

Breakfast is very important. After our stomach fasting for few hours, you need to feed yourself to start the metabolism activities. In fact, having breakfast also will give you energy to start your day whereby your brain need glucose from food to work it out, especially a good carb. Skipping breakfast means that you will face a brain energy-slump at mid-morning.

Here in Malaysia, breakfast came in various kind of dishes from heavy Malay food to healthy Chinese breakfast to Indian breads. Breakfast time in Malaysia normally will start around 6.30am until 10.00am. The scene of mobile  breakfast seller is a very common scene throughout the country. if in KL, most popular spot to buy breakfast are nearby the LRT Station, main street which is accessible for those who drive to work, market and residential area. 

Besides, there are many coffee shop or known as "kedai kopi" which served breakfast too. Mamak shop also very popular spot especially for man before go off to office or late breakfast around 10.00am. 

Popular breakfast in Malaysia

Nasi Lemak

A very savory and famous breakfast among Malaysian. A great combination of rice cooked with coconut milk, Anchovies Sambal, fresh cucumber, friend anchovies and groundnut really will make your day. Traditionally, this Nasi Lemak was wrapped in with banana leave and the cheapest price for one portion of Nasi Lemak was about RM1.00 each. Now, Malaysian are more creative in having this Nasi Lemak. With more topping like beef sambal, squid, prawn sambal and many more which can make the price hike to RM5.00 per serving.


Lontong is not only a popular dishes during Muslim's Aidilfitri celebration, but also popular breakfast especially among the Malay. This milky and yellowish soup consisted tofu, beans, glass noodle, prawn and dried tofu which will be eaten with "Ketupat" or packed rice. On top of it, you may put some anchovies sambal if you like to have your lontong a bit spicy. 

Roti Canai

If u think of going to Mamak stall or restaurant, roti canai or any of its kind can be your choice. Besides the unique technique of making this breakfast, you crispiness of the roti canai's skin mix with choices of dipping sauce such as chicken curry, dhall curry or fish curry can be a good choice to start your day.

You also may compliment this dishes with a glass of Teh Tarik, hot tea with condensed milk and bubble on top. 

Malay Traditional "Kuih-Muih"

This Malay traditional savories can be easily found at mobile breakfast seller on the street. You can choose any kind of traditional or modern kuih with price between RM1 for 4 pieces or maybe RM1 for 2 pieces in some high end places. Just to name a few, local savories such as Burger Malaysia, Karipap "Curry puff", Lepat and Donut are among Malaysia's favorite.

How about Chinese Food for breakfast?

There are wide selection of Chinese food which is popular for breakfast. Various kind of noodles such as Cantonese style noodle, wanton mee, fried yellow noodle with soy sauce and loh mee. Besides, dim sum, rice porridge and Chinese traditional cakes also popular among Malaysian Chinese's breakfast lovers. 

Traditonal Malay Breakfast in East Coast Malaysia

There are some add on if you are going to have breakfast in east coastal states of Malaysia, Kelantan & Terengganu. According to a friend, most of the population in these states are fisherman and they need a lot of energy daily for their hard work in the sea. Having rice dish is a good source of energy for them and the tradition continued until now. 

Nasi Air

Nasi Air is almost look like Chinese Porridge but it is more watery and garnished with fried anchovies, soy sauce, celery leave and bean on top. 

Nasi Kerabu

Nasi Kerabu mostly come in blue colour served with dried fish or chicken, salted eggs, bean sprout and fish cracker. Nowaday, this rice also very popular throughout the country. 

Nasi Dagang

Nasi Dagang or literarily "Trading Rice" is a traditional Malay and Southern Thai breakfast. The Nasi Dagang consisted of rice cooked with coconut milk, tuna fish curry, hard boiled eggs, fried shaved coconut and Malay pickled fruits.  


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