Wandering at The Cactus Point, Cameron Highland

Cactus Point in Cameron Highland is one of the best place to visit if you are cactus lovers. This Cactus Point is located not really far from the famous market at Kea Farm which is on the way from Brinchang to Equotarial Hotel. 

This Cactus Point is such a cactus paradise with varieties types of cactus. Not only that, you also can find some greens and flowers for you to bring home. Most of the flowers and cactus here is available for sell. 

The price for flowers or green plants here normally will start from RM5 up to RM100 subjected to the sizes and types. The same with the cactus. If you have no experience to care cactus at home, why don't you try to buy the mini size of cactus here. The price normally really cheap around RM10 for 5 different type of cactus. 

Besides you can get a medium size of cactus with a very moderate price or maybe go for a jumbo sizes. We are so excited with the cactus here which come with shapes, the colours and the torn style. Unfortunately, I'm not buying any cactus during this visit as we haven't plan for any green in our house in Kuala Lumpur. But for sure, our next visit to this Cactus Point will lead us with some good deals of flowers and cactus. 

Scroll down for more flowers & cactus:

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