Exploring the Decor of Dalat Palace Hotel, Vietnam

I previously wrote about the Dalat Palace Hotel, which is the oldest hotel in Dalat City, Central of Vietnam. Maybe my previous entry was very lengthy with facts, but this version is more relax for easy reading.

It was raining when me and my mate dropped by to this hotel around 4.00pm, looking for coffee or any hot drink to warm us from the chilly weather here. The Le Rebalais cafe was empty with out any customer, just a soft slow music break the quietness of the cafe. 

Next, let me bring you to explore the Edwardian style of decor and what I like the most is, the doors and big windows which is in French style and the big curtains. 

"This is my favorite space in this hotel. I really can't recall this room's name, but it sometimes a room to relax, having cigar or many to enjoy some glasses of wine before waiting for friends or dinner at another room later".

This is the Rose Room or so called a Library. There collection of books, old photos and some antics in this room are mostly to remind us about the early history of the Dalat Palace.

This photo is Dalat Palace during it's early age. No development of houses around the area, unlike now.

Hurm... I just love the big window and curtain. This dining room called as Le Monet. A private dining room and very suitable for a classy occasion. There are lot of paintings in this room too. 

Another shot from the lobby of Dalat Palace. the lobby is very small, maybe around 40sqm but very classy and choosy. 

This hotel is only consisted of 2 floors and this is the main staircase to the 1st floor which comprised of rooms and the management office.

Last but not least, these are  the toilet photos. Very...very... unique.

If you wanna know more about this place, simply click here for my previous article about Dalat Palace and the sister, Du Parc Hotel.


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