An Acceptable In-room Dining at Equatorial Cameron Highland

I previously wrote about my poor dining at The Coffee House of Equatorial Hotel. But then, since we still have another complimentary dinner RM88 for the second night, we finally decided to try their western foods for our second night dinner. This time, the dinner will be in our room instead of in the restaurant. Obviously, our room's ambiance is much better than the restaurant itself.

Before that, we went to the Cricket Bar to claim our complimentary fruit punch for two before ordering our food around 7.00pm from The Coffee Shop and requested for delivery to our room at 8.30pm.

Sharp at 8.30pm, the room service rang our room bell and here we go, the Coffee Shop staff and a lady, introduced as the restaurant manager came to deliver our dinner. Other than our dinner, we received a complimentary carrot cake as their apologize for my bad dinner at night before. Well, apology accepted, but I will still write this sharing. 

We ordered a serving of mushroom soup, and garlic bread of appetizer and actually it was okay. Nothing outstanding, and I have no issue about it.

Next, two big servings of Tenderloin Steak with sauce on the side. As for me, I choose my steak with black pepper sauce, potato wedges and fresh salad. As for Chris, he ordered herbs butter sauce, butter vegetables and sauteed mushroom for his side dish. 


Overall, the foods were just okay. But anyway, we just enjoy the experience of having dinner in a very relax environment, far away from car sound and very chilly weather of Cameron Highland. 

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