Veggies & Flower Shopping at Kea Farm, Cameron Highland

The Kea Farm area is the most popular spot to shop for vegetables or strawberries and its located at the highest pit stop at Cameron Highland main road. Kea Farm is a popular wet market for fresh vegetables, flowers, fruits and other souvenirs. The location is next to the Equatorial Hotel or around 2300 meter above the sea level.

Why is this market popular and what so special about this place? A very simple answer, varieties of veggies such as cabbage, kai choy, other Chinese favorite veggies, lime, persimmon and guava can be found here. But you need to remember, not all fruits are from Cameron Highland especially the big lime and guava. The same with big carrot, mushroom and asparagus also didn't grow in Cameron Highland too. 

Besides fruits, there are varieties of  souvenirs related to Cameron Highland identity such as strawberry key chain, tshirt, shoes, bag and toys. Optionally you can get some junk foods, jam, chocolate, and tea too. If you want to buy tea, I will suggest you to buy 2 famous brands such as Boh and Cameron Valley which is pure and original. However, you will also found other brands such as Highland tea, Chocolate Tea and many more. Some people say these tea were from Indonesia, then repacked and exported to Malaysia. Sometimes, you will see Blue Valley Tea too. The funny thing is, The Blue Valley Tea Plantation has been closed long time ago and now its turn to be a vegetable farm.

As for women, buying flowers is a must. Roses, carnation, daisy are mostly fresh from the flower farm. Besides, you can get some dried flowers and cactus too.

TIPS and MORE TIPS when shopping at Kea Farm:

  • This place is located at main street. So be careful when you crossing the street especially when you have kids around
  • Don't park your car on the yellow line or you will get summon from the police
  • Don't be fooled with vegetable promotion such as 12 packet for RM10. Example you buy 12 packet Sawi with price RM10. It look cheap but do you know that 1kg of Sawi is onlt RM3 to RM5 only
  • Don't be fooled with 1 dump of big cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli with total all 4 different veggies. The normall price for 1 cabbage is RM3 and a bit expensive for cauliflower and broccoli. Normally 1 dump will cost you RM10 which is psychologically cheap, but the truth, that is expensive
  • When buying cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower, make sure it come with leave or else, it can be from China

  • If you want to buy big carrot, better to get it in Tesco as Cameron Highland didn't grow carrot and most of the stocks here are from China. But for baby carrot with leaves are truly locally grow 
  • Big and long corn are not from Cameron Highland but from nearby town such as Bidor and Teluk Intan. The Cameron Highland's corn normally sweet and need to be steamed instead of boiling it.
  •  Strawberry are cheap here
  • The Crystal Guava or Cameron Highland Apples are guave from Bodor town which the skin had been process and the guava is covered with colours such as green and pink
  • You can here some of the women workers here can speak with Kelantanese dialect or some north Malaysia accent, but the truth, they are Indonesian. Sometimes, they can speak Tiong Hua dialects, Mandarin and Hakka too. 
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