Galeria Time Tunnel, Cameron Highland Part 1

During our stay in Cameron Highland, we were frequently passing by a place place called Galeria Time Tunnel. This museum is located on the right side of the street between Brinchang town to Kea Farm. The idea to visit this place came when my mate was asking me if there is any museum in Cameron Highland. 

We were visiting the Museum after having the noodle for lunch at Tanah Rata. The entrance ticket for this museum is RM5.00 per entry and you will get 20% discount for any drinks at the museum's cafe after u finish your tour. 

Well, RM5 for the ticket sound so expensive as we were not sure about what will we see in the museum. Typically, maybe this is just another useless tourism product on this highland. However, the excitement of this Time Tunnel Museum started at the museum's entrance itself when we saw some old toys and steel board from early 70s and 80s displayed here as a welcoming door decoration. 

I can't describe this trip in words. So, I will let you see the photos to flash back your childhood memories. 

"Tabung Ayam", this is how our parents use to educate us 
about how to save money. This kind of "tabung", we need 
to break it once it full, or else u need to use 
"dawai" to pick the coins out.
Bata shoes. If you are born on 1980s, our parents 
believed this is the best brand for school or badminton 
shoes before Pallas brand been introduced in Malaysia
Old time toys, Galeria Time Tunnel
We don't have Playstation, and not even PSP. 
But we have this game. Ah! I forgot the name.
This is old Malaysian's Blue IC before MyKad introduced
Our paper 'origami' game in school. 
Famous among girls I guess. 
Balloon! Balloon! Balloon! 30cent maybe!
Some of my classmates used to bring this pencil 
sharpener just to show off to us that they have a 
better technology to sharpen their pencils than us
I still fail with this "box"
"Oren Bodoh", "Air Botol", whatever name it is, just 
70cent during my school time. 
More "Air Botol"
Cadburry used to be a very expensive chocolate before 
we know Hersey and other brands at Cold Storage
My childhood time: EveryDay, Lactogen, Ovaltine...
This is a "Black & White" camere

Anyone use to be in this Rattan baby chair/cot?

I'm not so sure what are these

I think the cigarette was back on 1960s or 1970s

Old time Barber & Women's Hair Saloon

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