Poor Dining Out at Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highland

This entry still will talk about my trip in Cameron Highland. During the 3 days 2 nights, there are so many to cover and I am very excited about it. We were lucky, coz our online booking at Equatorial Hotel Cameron Highland came with complimentary dining at RM88/day which we need to utilize it. Even better when actually for those 2 nights, it was heavily raining in Cameron Highland which driving at night in the rain can be very dangerous. 

So,  on the first night we walk-in to Golden Phoenix Restaurant for our dinner. The restaurant is not crowded, maybe only have 4 or 5 tables with customers and 4 waiters on duty. Menu in hand, and fresh bun with butter deliver to us. We ordered 1 appetizer and 2 sharing main and here is the story begin.

After waiting for about 30 minutes, I called the man waiter asking if they can deliver our salad first in case other foods is not yet ready. He checked in the kitchen and come back to me saying that the salad will ready in few minutes. 10 minutes waiting, our main course delivered to our table, Spaghetti Marinara. Oppsss..where is my Salad? The spaghetti was just okay, nothing outstanding about it. The seafood is not fresh and the sauce is just okay. We cleared it all coz of too starving!

Then about 10 minutes later, our Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken on Top was delivered. First time ever to have Caeser Salad with grilled chicken. Its not really acceptable if we see the price, but since its all under our complimentary package, we take it.

Last but not least, our fish & chips. Sad to say, the fish was not fresh, and the awkwardly presented. The coating was too thick, and very... very... very... oily. 

Actually, I wrote a complain about my bad experience during the dinner, and the next day, the restaurant manager came to our room for apologize and giving some complimentary things (again). I'd been informed that on that night, there were 5 candle light dinner to be attended and most of the chef (cook) were really busy. For me, that is not an excuse. 

RM95 for the dinner, I think I can get something better in some moderate restaurants in KL with good foods, good taste and better ambiance. Maybe that is the answer why not so many people eating out here too...maybe!

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  1. I must admit, that salad and fish n chips did look terrible in your photos. I'm just wondering what complimentary ifts he HM gave to you?!

    1. Oh Duncan, the next day, she gave me a slice of carrot cake as a complimentary. And too bad, I mentioned to the manager, I hate any foods with carrot as the base the most :(


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