Open Air Dinner Place at Jalan Helang 1, Puchong Jaya

My housemate Christopher missed place his medical certificates for medical leave submission to his company and we went to the clinic again to get a copy of that. Then, we discovered that there is a open space stall area located just at the opposite site of the clinic which is located at Jalan Helang 1, nearby Apartment Sri Tanjung, Puchong Jaya.

This place maybe not as crowded and as big as the one that we always went to at behind the Court Mammoth Puchong Jaya, but the foods never disappoint us. Since, Christopher is still in the midst of recovering and cannot eat spicy food, we ordered 2 serving of Fish Porridge and also a serving of non spicy Fried Char Kuey Teow.

I love the big portion of the Fish Porridge and the taste is not bad actually. There are chunk of fish meat inside and the rice porridge was very smooth. This is truly a simple meal and yet very tasty. The same with the Char Kuey Teow. Very tasty, not oily and rich with flavours. I think, if we ask it a bit spicy maybe can be even better.

If you guy come to this place and maybe you tummy is craving for something else, maybe you can order something else from other stalls such as satay, fried rice or tom yam noodle.

Will I come back to this place? The answer is definitely yes. 


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