The Treasure Charm of Paramount Inle Resort, Myanmar

Hello everyone. This photo article actually is very special for me. I have to thanks my good mate Bongbong Wang for the amazing journey and great photos during the one month trip to Myanmar on 2012. But luckily the photos are still in the file and I can share it with you guys.

This beautiful resort's name is Paramount Inle Resort and of course, the resort get it's name from the lake itself since it is located in the heart of Inle Lake of Nga Phe Chaung Village, Shan state of Mynmar. For me, this resort is very unique because of the location and it was built on the stilt and very synonym with the character of Inle Lake's people. Since this resort is located in the middle of lake, you can go here by taking a 45 minutes boat trip from the nearest town called Naung Shwe. 

Other then enjoying the beauty and calm effect of this resort, you also can visit other nearby attractions such as the Jumping Cat Monastery, floating market and also visiting the famous Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda. 

In terms of amenities, this resort doesn't provide so much on luxury amenities, but I think it was still very sufficient. There are ceiling fan, satellite TV, hot and cold shower, restaurants, complimentary breakfast and complete set of bathroom amenities.

Guest also can go to the viewing tower to have a bird eye view of Inle Lake. Besides that, you also can relax at your balcony and enjoying the beautiful sunset which is really a treasure experience. Staying at this resort which is located in the middle of lake, it is all about relaxing and recharging yourself. With price about USD60 to USD100 for single or double room, I think this is a good deal for a 4 star rated property and of course, there is only one Inle Lake in the world for you to experience.

More info about this amazing Paramount Inle Resort, simple browse here at for booking or any inquiries.  

Last but not least, you can read all those good reviews on tripadvisor before you decided to fly to Myanmar and spending few days on this unique resort. 


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