A Beautiful Visit to Indein Village of Inle Lake, Myanmar

Hello everyone. If previously I shared about the beauty of Paramount Inle Resort of Inle Lake, Myanmar, this time I would like to share about another charm of this Inle Lake called Indein Village. Yes, this place is very rural for many tourist, but still it is very worth it to add visiting this village in your Inle Lake's itinerary.

Basically, Indein is a small village located on the south-western bank of Inle Lake and there are field of stupas at this village. There are hundreds of old and new stupas in the area and some of those are ruins and hidden besides the overgrown bushes and trees. Not only that, you also can visit the pagoda on the hill and it is a very calm a quiet place and the only thing that you can feel here is the cool breeze from Inle Lake on your face. 

I have to say thank you to my special friend BongBong Wang for the great photo taken in Indein Village. You can see that the sky is blue, and the Inle Lake look so peace with birds flying and people were busy with their daily routine here. There are paddy field, farmers ploughing the land by using buffaloes and kids playing in the water.

Other than that, you also will see a small stream at Indein village which also one of the source of water for the paddy field farmers here. This Indeen small stream is not only for agriculture. The local people here also use this water for daily usage such as bathing and washing cloths. 

Tourist also will have chance to visit the local market here and get some cool local souvenirs. My only advise is, be good when asking for the best price.

Some comments about Indein Village on Tripadvsior: 
  • This place felt more authentic and cultural than the commercialized boat tour of the main lake. A small village scattered with old and new stupas. But be wary also of the ubiquitous sellers prowling and lurking the site.
  • Indein is located in the south-west corner of Inle Lake long a canal (about 45 minutes from the lake proper by boat) and boasts a market as well as a pagoda with a very large, impressive field of stupas about a 20 minute walk away.
  • The market is nice and you get a glimpse of the everyday life there. You can also see people from the different tribes with their special costumes and head covers.
  • Saw locals weaving with fiber produced from lotus plants. Went to a silver shop where locals made jewelry. Saw the floating gardens.


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