Bali Day 3: Just another Lazy day

Hello everyone. If previously I shared about my 3rd day afternoon activity in Bali which is almost doing nothing, now I would like to share more about what we do in Bali after taking a very long nap in our room. Since we wake up a quiet late around 5.30pm, so we just decided to walk a little bit at the beach before heading for dinner place.

At this time, Kuta beach is very crowded with local and foreigners enjoying the sunset as well as spending time with family. Not to forget, you probably will see young Bali surfers talking with the white here; not sure if there are surfers aka gigolo or just a surfer guide talking with their student. I can feel or think both way if I want to.

After a short walk at the beach, we walk further along Jalan Pantai Kuta to see what do they have here and probably to find cheap dinner. This street is just like the main hub of Jalan Legian. Very busy with many shops, tourist out here and there, restaurants and more restaurants. Since we would like to find cheap local food, but until the end of Jalan Pantai Kuta, we have got nothing to be called as "cheap local food". But we have to know that this area is mainly for tourist and most of the local people will have dinner at home with their family. From Jalan Pantai Kuta, we walk until the starting of Jalan Legian and here only discover the "what people always say" about the Bali Bombing Memorial. It is a huge build up with the names of people who died during the Bali Bombing accident on 2005.

Till there, I still haven't get chance to find cheap local food and decided to grab this slices of pizza from this stall. If I am not wrong, the price was reasonable and the taste was good for its kind. We walk further along Jalan Legian and if night before I shared about the Gay clubs in Dhyana Pura, here in Legian, the clubs here catered more for youngsters, cute Australian's surfers and other straight holiday-markers. There are so many bars and clubs for you to choose. The landmark? This place is just a throw stone away from the Bali Bombing Memorial.


Then, from Jalan Legian, we walked further to Poppies Lane. This is our shortcut to come back to our hotel at Jalan Pantai Kuta. At this Poppies Lane, there are some restaurant and souvenir shops. But synonym with the street's name, you might get someone approach you to sell weeds, or they will say, "Do you want mushroom?". In some places, you will see a mushroom logo is outside the shop. Some people says that, if u wanna get weeds in Bali, it is better for you to try a little to taste before purchase (This can be not a good advise). Anyway, we don't take weeds. Just past buy the street until we found this huge Beach Walk Shopping Mall.

This Beach Walk Shopping Mall was so huge with really a lot of things. What I like the most about this place is, this shopping mall come with the idea of off the air-conditioner. There are really lots of things to do or see here from shopping, food hunting, or maybe just wandering around this open air shopping mall.

We also managed to grab our cheap dinner here. Maybe it was not so local and the place is in a shopping mall. But then, we still enjoy the New Opening promotion which is the food's price will be discounted with free flow of ice lemon tea. 

Finished dinner, we were just doing nothing. No club and no lazying at night beach. I think it is much better to go back to hotel, take a good shower and enjoy the air-conditioner before sleeping. Yeah! That is my 3rd Day in Bali with doing nothing. So far, I still didn't think of visiting those tourist places, and everything is just relaxing, having long nap and food hunting,


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