Bali Day 4: Its all about Indonesian Foods and More Foods PART 1

Hello everyone. First of all, I would like to say thank you for spending time reading and supporting my blog. It is really mean a lot for me actually. This time, I will share about my 4th day Bali which is the final day during this visit.

If previously we stayed at Grand Istana Rama Hotel, we moved to another again which located not really far from the airport as we will need to catch a very early flight next day at 6.00am to Kuala Lumpur. The hotel that we stayed is Next Tuban Hotel which is located at Puri Gerenceng street of Tuban area and more or less, the condition is almost the same as the first hotel we stayed at Kuta Airport Hotel & Residence at day 1. Really cheap but the bed is really comfy. 

Next Tuban Bali Hotel
Jalan Puri Gerenceng, Ayu Nadi,
No. 9xx, Tuban, Bali, 80361 Indonesia

Unlike the Day 3 which we mostly spent our time with long nap and lazying, our Day 4 in Bali seems busier with more walking, photographing and eating. As always we checked in at 2.00pm, and we arrived to our hotel ar around 12.00pm. So, in between the time, we decided to walk nearby area (even we knew that the sun was boiling our head). We discovered that this Tuban area is what we were looking for. A place for the local Balinese living and we can easily spot many local and Muslim restaurant here. Unlike in Kuta, the scene were less comprise of the white tourist. 

From our hotel, we were walking along Dewi Sartika Street and there were so many Halal stalls on the left and right of the road. My assumption, the people here might be mostly are Muslim. After walking here and there, we decided to have a lunch at a local stall and seriously, this is what a local people will eat. A simple dish comprised of white rice, stir fried vegetable, fish or maybe fried chicken. Some stalls at the road also served other local dish such as Pecal (mix vegetable with peanut sauce), Pecel Lele (Deep fried cat fish with Sambal on side) and maybe other kinds of local delicacies. 

WARTEG - Warung Tegal

Selections of delicious and cheap Indonesian food

Instant Coffee Pack - Stall at Jalan Dewi Sartika

Teh Botol and Soft Drinks - Jalan Dewi Sartika

 Grilled Banana - Jalan Dewi Sartika

Indonesian Mixed Rice

Done with our lunch, it was still very early to go back and get our room at 2.00pm as scheduled. So, we walked to the Ayunadi supermarket nearby our hotel and actually I planned to grab some additional cooking paste from there. But before that, we saw many stalls in front of the supermarket and some foods there sounds not familiar for me, and I love to give a try. So, at this stall, we ordered a serving of Rujak Cingur and Gado-Gado.

Ayu Nadi Supermarket at Jalan Dewi Sartika off Jalan Puri Gerenceng

A Rujak stall infront of the Ayu Nadi Supermarket 

Drink stall in front of Ayu Nadi Supermarket

Okay, so let me describe about the Rujak Cingur first. This is a traditional food of East Java, especially in Surabaya. After checking on wikipedia, In Java Language, Cingur mean "mouth". This is refer to the slices of boiled cow's lips and mixed together mixed fruits such as cucumber, turnips, young mango. Not only that, this meal also comprised of lontong (stuffed rice), tempe (fermented soya bean) and vegetables such as long bean and water spinach.  About the gravies, it was made from the shrimp paste, sugar, chili, peanut and salt. I personally think that I don't like this meal. Someone, it taste like eating plastic, but maybe local Indonesian will love it,

Rujak Cingur

How about Gado-Gado? It is a version of salad with peanut sauce on top. It can be eaten with either stuffed rice or just steam rice too. This food is originally from Java land and it consisted of boiled vegetables, slices of hard boiled egg, fried shallot and crackers (normally prawn crackers) on top. As for this one, sound so familiar to my taste bud and I love it. Anyway, I did some ready and found that gado-gado is one of the must enjoy food in Bali.

Gado - Gado

Afterthat, we go to the supermarket to buy some additional cooking paste here and go back to our hotel to wait for check in time at 2.00pm. As I mentioned earlier, our day 4 in Bali was really fun and interesting. But I will share about it later on the Part 2 of Day 4 in Bali.


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