Lunch at Tat Nasi Ayam, Seksyen 19, Shah Alam

Hello everyone. I think as a Malaysia or Singaporean, having a plate of Nasi Ayam (Chicken Rice) is very common for many of us. I used to enjoy the Nasi Ayam with pear fruits in the soup at Chui Yin Street, Bentong and also had a very nice Nasi Ayam at Paroi Stadium in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

But this time, I would to share about the one that I tried in Shah Alam. The story is, me and my office mate supposedly to have a meeting at Shapadu Berhad and we had arrived earlier than the meeting time. So, we just make a big round in the area and we found this Tat Nasi Ayam restaurant. The restaurant is big and we wondered about what so special about this Tat Nasi Ayam. From some readings on google and reviews from other bloggers, this Tat Nasi Ayam is a franchaise business and very famous in Kedah. Reminder from most bloggers, when you come here, please order chicken rice, not noodles or other stuffs because it tasteless... Hehehe

Referring to the menu below, there are lots of choice for the customers. You can order steam chicken rice, roasted chicken rice, Nasi Burung Puyuh and even other ala carte dishes such as steaks and grills as well as Char Kuey Teow.

So, I ordered a regular Nasi Ayam with roasted chicken and my mate order Nasi Ayam with steam chicken. If u see at the menu, there are Special and Normal. When I ask them, the only different for special and normal is just the amount of rice and chicken. And for your information, even its a normal serving, there were lot of chicken and I think it was more than enough for a person.

Taste wise, both chicken and Nasi Ayam was delicious, but I think the soup on the side need a little bit of salt to taste. So, I you ever been in this area, why don't you give a try for a reasonable RM6.00 per serving chicken rice with clean environment and friendly service. Will definitely come again if I lost in Shah Alam. 


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