The Famous Teochew Cendol, Penang Road

Having Teochew Cendol at Penang Road and enjoying a bowl of Assam Laksa is one of the must do things when coming to Penang. This place is just walking distance from the iconic Komtar building at the corner of Lebuh Keng Kwee. No matter what time you come to this corner, you will always see a big crowd of people standing and having Cendol and some other are queuing to get their one.

Seeing people standing and having their Cendol is very normal here. People queue,
chit chatting  and if there's no place to sit, standing and having the Cendol is an option.
My personal quote, "Rain or shine, local or outsider, people will queue for the Cendol here. Sometimes, I wonder, what so special about this Cendol. Well, as other people said, it famous and everybody just follow others to try what is the different of this Cendol compared to others. As for me, this Cendol is fine, but not really my favorite.  
Looking for more spaces, walk further from the busy people queuing and you will see this green Penang Road Teochew Cendol and try to luck to get stools to sit. In here you can get the delicious Assam laksa & Rojak as well.

Assam Laksa. One of the famous food in Penang. If you ever have it it other places in Penang, why don't you give a try for this one too and taste the different?

This is the Cendol. Rich with Gula Melaka (Segar palm) taste and
the shaved ice was really smooth.
The rojak. Typically, this is how to upsell and make money for the business.
People not only here for Assam Laksa & Cendol, but also for this rojak.
23+It is a 
delicious combination of fruits and turnips with gravies on top.

So, lets join the crowd and enjoy the famous Cendol here. We went here again the day after for more foods which will be shared in my next posting. 


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