Supper at Marshall Burmah Road, Penang

It was a rainy eve in Penang and we were looking for something quick to have to feed our empty stomach. This place called Marshall islocated a distance from our hotel (Royal Penang Hotel) or to be exact nearby the junction of Nagore street and Burmah Road. Entering this restaurant, it was empty without any customer. Our first thought, is this restaurant good?

We proceed to the counter to order or food. In short, this restaurant is serving Patties or some called it as Burger. There are various kind of patties for you to choose here. Besides, you also can order side dishes such fries a mashed potatoes.

After paying and waiting for awhile, our food is ready and big surprise ! Marshall served one of the best burger in my life. The patty was so rich with flavours and very juicy. I should say it juicy. So, if it's happen for you to pass by this area, don't miss a chance to try the burger here. Looking for supper and wanna go away from local Penang food for awhile? Don't worry because this Marshall close at 12.00 am daily.


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