A Sudden Lunch at Bar-B-Q Plaza, IOI Mall, Puchong

Well, going to supermarket to buy weekly groceries is one of our routine. On last weekend, we just wandering lazily in IOI Mall after done with groceries shopping at AEON supermarket and we found a very good BBQ deal at Bar-B-Q Plaza restaurant (RM49.00++ for 2 person). 

RM49.00++ for all this? At first we thought this is just a small meal for 2 person. But then, when we finished our meal, we were extremely full and feel so lazy to walk home. 

Top right photo is the drinks, Blue Island Soda and the red one is a Dragon Fruit Soda. At bottom left, is the Fried Thai Spring Roll. We enjoy our drink and the spring roll skin was so crispy and yummy.
This is the mixed set. It consist of veggies like cabbage, green salad, carrot and tomato. Besides, u can see slices of fresh meats, prawn, squid and chicken. So, we are ready for barbeque-ing. 
This is the BBQ stove. At first, I have no idea about how things will work. Typically in my mind, barbeque need fire and smoke to cook the meat, but here, the fire is down under and we will put meat at the centre of this BBQ stove and soup will be pour at the circle part of the BBQ stove. I will re-zoom this at below photo. 

The garlic rice here was really rich with garlic taste. Good to compliment with the freshness of the BBQ meat plus the sweet sauce on the side. 

Yummy! Other than the Mixed Set above, we have this Marinated Chicken Drumstick which will be BBQ together on the BBQ stove. All meat are in a fine quality for BBQ-ing. Easy to cook and very tender. 

Finally, we are enjoying our BBQ lunch with our own way. This is how we BBQ (cook) our meat on the BBQ stove. 
Will we come again to this BBQ, Bar-B-Q Plaza Restaurant, definitely a yes when we crave for fresh meat. But yet, I always will remind myself, BBQ is one of the most unfair food in the world because, you pay expensive for it and yet, you have to cook by yourself. 


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