STICKY - The First Rock Candy Store in Malaysia @The Pavilion

Whenever I went to Pavilion, Bukit Bintang, I always see people carrying a paper bag with pinkish wording STICKY. At first, I don't know what is that until one day, I'm passing by the Food Republic at Lower Ground floor and discover this cute & pinkish shop which their only product is rock candy. 

This Sticky is the first Malaysia's rock candy store and the history start from the "Land of Down Under - Sydney." It comes with various colours and the best part is, the unique technique to make this rock candy and they make it life in front of you. 

How they made the candy? Let see this short video about the long process to produce this hand-made and yummy candy.


So, if you want to enjoy this rock candy, walk further to the food court (Food Republic) at LG  floor of the Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur and find the giant & pinkish Sticky shop signboard.


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