The Famous Mee Bandung Muar: Abu Bakar Hanipah

I normally don't drag my family when going out for food hunting. But this version of food hunting is very special when my parents and brother joined my trip to Muar town to find the famous Mee Bandung Muar, one of the signature dish in Johor, or particularly in Muar.

After reading a quick review from Johor Kaki, we set our GPS direction on Waze and start our journey here. Abu Bakar Hanipah Mee Bandung is something that many people in town hunting for. We arrived to this restaurant around 12.00pm and the restaurant was really crowded with hungry customers. 

First thing that you will see when sitting in the restaurant is hundreds of customers (famous or not) pasted on the restauran't wall. From the Johor Sultan, government officers, local and tourists, all of their smiley faces can be found on the restaurant's wall. 

This is Enche Abu Bakar Hanipah, the owner of this Abu Bakar Hanipah
Mee Bandung Muar. According to him, the Mee Bandung Muar recepi
is from his father and the famous Mee Bandung was established since 1930s
From left, My mate - Chris, Me, Enche Abu Bakar Hanipah, My dad, my younger brother & my mom.
This is the famous Mee Bandung. RM4.50 per serving. Not too spicy, and rich with ingredients and flavours. I normally have it a bit spicy at other places, but in here it was a bit mild for my taste bud. The secret of of a delicious serving of Mee Bandung is at the gravy. 

I can say that Enche Abu Bakar is really passionate about his Mee Bandung
Muar. If you want to make the same Mee Bandung Muarat home, you may buy
the Mee Bandung paste from this restaurant which will cost you RM10.00 per
pack which is ready for 7 servings.
So, when its happen that you are visiting Muar, set 69-A  Jalan Abdullah, Muar on your Waze Apps on Smartphone and explore the authentic Mee Bandung Muar here.


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