Jimmy Gunawan The 1st Iphone 5S buyer in the World

"Proud to be Indonesian", this is one of the favorite tagline among Indonesian workers and Indonesian students who study abroad. This is even better the opportunity to be popular and famous was rewarded to a Indonesian, Jimmy Gunawan. It was truly worth it for him to wait for the Iphone 5 released and be the first person in the world to own the latest version of the Iphone.

He was standing at in front of Apple Store at George street Sydney Australia and he even grabbed 2 units of Iphone at AU$2000. According to trusted source, this 33 years old guy bought the Iphone as a presen to his mother who currently live in Indnesia. Jimmy, who is originally from Bandung (as per stated on his facebook) shared on his wall said that "I will post the Iphone to my mother for coming Chinese New Year. I queued since 12am the day before and not regret of doing it".


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