Guan Di Temple of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Where to visit in Kuala Lumpur? As if you will wonder at Chinatown, why don't you extend your sneak and peeking to the Guan Di Temple or so called God of War temple. This temple was built in year 1888 and claimed as one of the oldest temple with existing of the finest traditional features.

Historically, the God of War was the greatest China's warrior during the time and known as Guan Di, General Kwan or Guan Yu. Exploring in the temple, you will find the statue of the Guan Di sit on the altar with his face painted in gold in order to portray his status. 

Many Chinese will come to this temple to worship the Guan Di to seek protection and make wishes. Other deities in the temple are including of Guan Yin (Goddess of Mercy), Choy Sun )God of Prosperity) and Wen Chong (God of Education and Learning).


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