The Famous Beef Noodle in KL - Ngau Kee Beef Noodle

Its was 9.30pm and i just finished my dinner at Meng Khee, one of my favorite Chinese seafood restaurant at Jalan Alor, Bukit Bintang. Suddenly my travel mate said that, he used to eat at a very famous beef noodle stall at Jalan Tengkat Tongshin which is located on another side of Jalan Alor. I feel slightly full, but the "famous beef noodle" word makes me eager to share a bowl of beef noodle with my mate. 

Our arrival to this stall greeted by indonesian/Nepalese stall assistant and i slight have problem to place my order as I didn't speak Chinese and they cannot catch my English too. Luckily the menu on the stall's wall help us to decide.  

We ordered Dry Beef Noodle with Beef Balls and hot tea. The noodle was slightly like the wanton mee noodle with some mince beef cooked with soy sauce and other ingredient. the soup and beef balls are on the side. You can choose to add in some of the soup in your dry noodle bowl or optionally, you can order Beef Noodle Soup instead. 

Obviously, i ate a lot of beef noodle when living i Vietnam and each noodle come with a very unique taste. This noodle is very different compared to what i ate before. Its not too dry and not salty as what i'm expected after seeing the black colour beef with thick soy sauce. You need to mix the mince beef with the noodle and eat at. Once in awhile, put some beef balls in your noodle bowl and eat it together. 

Overall, we kind of like this KL version's beef noodle. Some said that the taste and quality of this noodle is slightly down compared to old time. But as for me, with price RM5.50 per serving, it was good enough and will definitely come again with some friends when I'm back to KL.

The Map:

Thanks to my travel mate, Christopher for introducing this place.

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