An Evening at Tanjung Leman Beach, Mersing, Johore

A trip to Johor sometimes will make you boring. Long and hilly streets are common especially in the circle of Kluang, Kota Tinggi and Mersing. During my recent family trip to visit Grandma at Kota Tinggi, we went to my aunt's house at Felda Sungai Ara, a palm oil plantation estate which is located in the middle of Kota Tinggi and Mersing road. But this article is not to share about my aunt's house, but the hidden charm of the area.

Deep inside the thickness of the palm oil estate and not too far from the FELDA Sungai Ara, you will find the hidden gem of Tanjung Leman Beach which you may access at FELDA Tenggaroh road via Kota Tinggi - Mersing route. This long and sloppy beach is mostly popular among local or tourist who might pass by the junction to FELDA Tenggaroh and see the sign of Tanjung Leman Beach on the road side. 

As earlier said, nothing much to do here and no grand development in the area too. The only resort available here is Tunjuk Laut Beach resort and there is a small warung at the beach area for any hungry visitors. 

The other reason of people come to Tanjung Leman is to take boat to nearby tourist attraction called, Sibu Island Resort. We went to the Tanjung Leman jetty and surprised when there are a lot of cars parking at the parking lot, but we didn't see any human there. Yes, all people actually went to Sibu Island instead. The jetty, rundowned with broken toilet and the food stalls here are closed. 

Surprise! Surprise! Who know in such outskirt place you can get Tanjung Leman KFC chicken. Yes, I am referring to the American's Kentucy Fried Chicken. The outlet is not so big and never been busy. The good thing is, customer can enjoy their KFC meal besides enjoying the sunset or see the boat in and out from the jetty. 

Tanjung Leman beach is truly a hidden gem and I hope the state government will do something to boost up the beach as one of must visit places when visiting Johor. 

PS. Be careful when driving a long Tanjung Leman - Tenggaroh as the street was terrible and there might be some holes here and there. My car tyre burst during this trip and lucky to have my brothers and dad to solve the problem. 


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